Genuine H2O Jet OEM Parts

We are proud to be an authorized distributor of genuine H2O Jet waterjet parts.On October 21, 2021, H2O Jet implemented a 3% surcharge on all waterjet parts due to their high costs related to logistics and commodities. Previously, Barton absorbed this fee, however, effective January 25, 2022, this 3% surcharge will be included in the H2O Jet item prices displayed on our site.

As an authorized distributor, Barton sells genuine H2O Jet parts at the same prices offered by the OEM. To account for their surcharge, our prices for H2O Jet parts will now include an added 3% – the price you see is the price you will be invoiced. This surcharge will be removed from the item prices when the policy is discontinued by the OEM.

H2O Jet is a Shape Technologies Group company.